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Machinist Tap Wrench (Fixed Handle)

CNC Machined V Jaws

Tap Wrenches with Guides

  • Use on flat surface to tap a straight hole
  • Holds tool true for perfect alignment  to reduce tap breakage
  • V Groves in body 120 degrees, so you can  tap round material
  • All Steel construction
  • Comes with two set's of Jaws
  • Range of taps are for #0-1/4 taps, another set of jaws for 1/4-1/2 taps
  • MM Taps 1.6mm-12.5 
  • Pipe Taps 1/16-1/8
  • Replacement Jaws available
  • Made on 100% CNC Machines  
  • Made in the USA

Our unique Tap-Guide feature assures tapping a straight thread every time.
Tools can also be used with drills and reamers in the V jaws.

Tap Wrenches

Tap or Reamer Alignment Tool

View of the 1/4-12 Tap Wrench

  • All Steel material
  • Guide keeps the tap wrench straight to guarantee a straight threaded hole
  • Use vertically on drill press type machine or in a lathe
  • Made in the USA!

Part Number: #00211

Machinist Tap Wrench With Guide

Machinist Tap Wrench (Fixed Handle & Long Body)

Machinist Tap Wrench (Guide & Sliding Handle)

Machinist Tap Wrench (Sliding Handle)

According to the USCTI Table 302 for Standard Tap Dimensions & Table 311 for Standard Pipe Taps. Click here to download the PDF chart for Table 302

 View of the 1/2-3/4 Tap Wrench

Tap Wrenches with Guides

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