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Tap Wrenches with Guides

Tap or Reamer Alignment Tool

View of the 1/4-12 Tap Wrench

Machinist Tap Wrench (Sliding Handle)

According to the USCTI Table 302 for Standard Tap Dimensions & Table 311 for Standard Pipe Taps. Click here to download the PDF chart for Table 302

Machinist Tap Wrench With Guide

Machinist Tap Wrench (Fixed Handle)

Machinist Tap Wrench (Fixed Handle & Long Body)

  • Use on flat surface to tap a straight hole
  • Holds tool true for perfect alignment  to reduce tap breakage
  • V Groves in body 120 degrees, so you can  tap round material
  • All Steel construction
  • Comes with two set's of Jaws
  • Range of taps are for #0-1/4 taps, another set of jaws for 1/4-1/2 taps
  • MM Taps 1.6mm-12.5 
  • Pipe Taps 1/16-1/8
  • Replacement Jaws available
  • Made on 100% CNC Machines  
  • Made in the USA

CNC Machined V Jaws

 View of the 1/2-3/4 Tap Wrench

Machinist Tap Wrench (Guide & Sliding Handle)

Our unique Tap-Guide feature assures tapping a straight thread every time.
Tools can also be used with drills and reamers in the V jaws.

  • All Steel material
  • Guide keeps the tap wrench straight to guarantee a straight threaded hole
  • Use vertically on drill press type machine or in a lathe
  • Made in the USA!

Tap Wrenches with Guides

Tap Wrenches

Part Number: #00211